Bitcoin Miner - Free BTC

Bitcoin Miner - Free BTC

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Beschrijving van Bitcoin Miner - Free BTC

Mine the hottest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, right on your android powered device without any special equipment or fees. Our app mines bitcoin in our cloud servers so you don't have to have a super high-tech device to mine btc with this app.

-Mine BTC on the go, anytime, anywhere and at any place.

-Just click Start and let our app mine bitcoins for you.

-Easy and fast withdrawals, right to your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin is the most invested crypto currency in the world with over $150 billion market cap and growing everyday. But due its high price growth in recent months, it is almost impossible for an average person to afford bitcoin or even a fraction of it as there are high fees involved as well when you buy btc from any exchange.

Also, you must have a very expensive set of special equipment to mine bitcoin. And ofcourse a lot of electricity. But don't worry! We have got you covered. Now you're just a click away from mining your very own FREE bitcoins. Yes, totally free! No subscriptions or hidden costs.

We believe our is app the best online money making app in 2018 and one of the best to for mining bitcoins with the lowest minimum withdrawals.

We use satoshi as unit for mining. It is the smallest unit of a bitcoin. 100,000,000 satoshi equals 1 bitcoin. You will find more information within our app.

Please note that we have put a withdrawal limit (minimum in the world) and cool down period within our app so that our servers don't overload. More information can be found within the app.

We are working hard to bring more and more features to the app. Upcoming features:

-Our own free wallet service

-Mine other currencies like, Monero, bitcoin cash, litecoin, dash and eth classic

-View real time prices of all digital currencies within the app.

-Maintain your profile and portoflio.

Your use of our app is subjected to our terms and privacy found at:

To contact us

Customer support:

Business queries:

Thanks to Wagner Argel Soares for translating the app into Portuguese.

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